Dreading Having your Photos Taken On Your Wedding Day?

Or you simply just don't know what to do or expect? Don't worry, I've 100% got your back! From body hang ups to letting your personalities shine, this list of tips and tricks will help you smash your wedding day photos!

Over the years of being a Lincolnshire wedding photographer, I’ve learnt a few things that I thought were worth sharing to help you look and feel more confident when having your wedding photos taken. Some of them you can think about leading up to the wedding, and some of them are helpful tips and tricks that you may not know about that will instantly improve the look of your photos. 

Disclaimer : This is not a ‘do it this way to get beautiful photos’ list. You will be looking and feeling your absolute best on your wedding day anyway, and no matter what I’ve written below, you should just take in your day, enjoy every moment, and really try not to worry about how you look! Chances are you’ll forget this list anyway and just go with the flow of it all. 

Myself or your photographer is there to capture you both looking and feeling the happiest you've ever felt, and to show all the magic from your beautiful wedding day. Now once you get your photos back you may not like how you look on every photo, but try to look at the whole picture, such as how you felt at that moment in time, and how your photographer has captured your wedding day as whole. Seriously, don't sweat the small stuff, no one else will notice!

So are you Ready to dive in?!

No 1 - The Ultimate Most said phrase to wedding photographers around the world

"I hate having my photos taken. I don’t know how to pose and I’m dreading it taking forever"

Honestly, I'm right there with you! Nothing makes me cringe more when I hear about a wedding photographer that took 3 hours to do the group photos. If your photographer is anything like me, they will take your photographs in a relaxed unposed way, and only offer guidance and advice rather than actually posing you. And if you’ve booked me, there is only a few parts of your wedding day that I would offer guidance on, mainly being your group family photos and your couple photos, which equates to approx 1 hour for all of them. Already sounding a bit easier? Fab! Well let's go a bit further in.

So couple shots, I usually have 3 main ‘go to’ photos that are super easy, and these are always a brilliant starting point to help get rid of the awkwardness. These then quickly lead into some amazing natural wedding photos that I promise you will love!

'But how Sophie, I'm so awkward' I hear you scream?!

Basically, it's down to me! One thing you will quickly learn is that I can spot the awkwardness, and I have a range of 'professional' techniques to get rid of that Chandler Bing smile and bring out the best in you both. These techniques vary on the success rate, but my go to's are to basically anything to make you both laugh. So really, not professional at all, but I promise you that they work! If I get you laughing, you’ll both relax and then hopefully you’ll start to enjoy the quiet time together away from everyone else whilst also nailing your photos.

If in doubt, laugh! 

But please also remember it is your wedding day. If you’ve had enough, or you really get into it and want to try some more direction based posing, tell your photographer! They will love the clarity which in turn will make everyone happier all round. 

So, Let's get back to the Topic at Hand... The Little Tips That Can Make A Big Difference

No 2 - Smiling

Don't smile with your teeth, smile with your eyes!

Seriously try it! Do a fake smile followed with a real smile in the mirror, and notice how your eyes adjust for the real smile. This is such a small thing that makes such a HUGE difference when you are having your photographs taken, and something you can easily practice at home! And while your practising that, you might as well...

No 3 - Find Your Best Side

We've all got one side of our face we prefer more, so find your side and let your photographer know! As a girl, as soon as I get told that you have a ‘best side’ I’ll always make sure your on it! This is always best to practice using a mirror on the wall, simply because most photographers don't come at high angles ( 5'5 here, sorry!) and we all know the high angled selfies look the best. By having a ‘best side’, you'll instantly feel more confident, which in turn stops the awkwardness and makes you look like the queen you are. 👑

No 4 - Sort Your Hands Out

When you are first standing in a new position, just take a moment to think about where your hands are, both you and your fiancé! Make sure that if you have flowers you are holding them at waist height or dropped down by your side, and your partner has their hands either in their pocket with one round your back or both hands on your waist. If you hands are just hanging by your side this doesn't look natural at all, and really gives off a forced feel. This would be one thing that I as a photographer would guide you on, as I'm always on the look out for hand positions!

No 5 - Get Close and Cozy

But only if you're the type of couple who's comfortable doing this!

Don’t be afraid to get close! this will instantly give a more intimate feel to your photos, and really gets rid of that forced look. One thing I try to avoid as a photographer is gaps, especially in the formal photos, so ill always try to turn your guests inwards towards you and your new spouse and give them all a gentle nudge to get in closer if they don’t listen haha. It may feel like everyone is on top of each other in your photographs it won't look that way at all. But like I said, if you're not the type of couple to normally do this, let your photographer know! They should work with you both as a couple to help your images reflect the type of people you are.

No 6 - It's OK To Have Body Hang Ups

'I really hate my arms, how can I make them look smaller?!' or 'Can you make me look thinner?'

These types of questions are so common between both brides and grooms, and having your photos taken can really make you feel self conscious of those pesky body parts you're not too keen on. My advice here is whether its your arms, tummy, nose or teeth, really try to put your body hang ups to one side on your wedding and relax into having your photos taken as much as possible.

But Saying that, and even though I'm a big believer in body confidence, I'm also a part of the curvy, bingo wing crew and I know exactly what you mean! So for bingo wings, you can reduce them by lightly raising your arm from being pressed against your body, which will instantly reduce the size of your arms, just because its not being squashed! Easy!

And to make yourself look (and feel) slimmer and more confident in photos, don't stand straight on to the camera. Turn slightly inwards (or to your best side), outside leg slightly forward, back straight and shoulders down. Also don't forget to try the classic 'tits and teeth'. This is basically dropping your shoulders and pushing your chest out slightly to elongate and correct your posture, along with having a big smile! This will instantly make you look slimmer and taller and ooze confidence and remember less is more.

No 7 - Let Your Personalities Loose!

Don't just think you've got to stand together or listen to your photographer to get amazing photos. If you'd usually pick your partner up and swing them round, do a fireman's lift, piggy backs or a dip kiss in the kitchen for the fun of it, do it on your wedding day! I can guarantee your photographer will absolutely love it, because it really does show a lot of personality and will make your set of photographs more unique to you two! So if you get an urge on your wedding day or fancy giving something a try, just go for it! My favourite photos always come from the spur of the moment!

No 10 - Just Embrace It All!

Embrace having your photos taken, embrace the weather, and really just go with the flow - Its the one day that's all about you and your new husband or wife, and even if you hate the attention, you still should try to have your photographs taken as many times as you want, as it will be a day that you will want to remember and relive time and time again.

I hope you've enjoyed these little hints and tips that I've learnt along the way, and I hope when your wedding day comes along you'll feel more comfortable and confident knowing these little tricks. 

I think it’s also important for you to have realistic expectations on how you will look on your photos, and as long as you and your new partner in crime have had an amazing day, you will look beautiful on your photographs no matter what. ❤️

Sophie xx